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A Update from Pastor Craig Tuck

Dear Centerpoint Family, Thank you for your prayers and commending words regarding my leadership transition to the Charleston Baptist Association (CBA). I rejoice to share that the Executive Committee of pastors and church leaders of the CBA unanimously approved my appointment to the Executive Director position, which will take effect on March 1. This role changes my...

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Gospel Hospitality

The following post was written by Jeff Vanderstelt and originally appeared at Gospel Centered Discipleship. Hospitality is a forgotten art. It also has a lost biblical history. We can recover the art of hospitality by understanding what it is and discerning how the gospel changes our notions of hospitality. In general, hospitality is about treating strangers as equals...

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Women and Men

Last week Pastor Steve Heron preached from Colossians about the role of a Christian wife, and this week he will focus on the role of a Christian husband. As Steve mentioned Sunday, the scriptures teach that God created us in his image, with men and women as equals, but gave us different roles to fulfill. For both single and married - this is a topic that is extremely im...

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Why Is Church Membership Important?

In our study of Colossians, Pastor Steve Heron has hit on the importance of Christian community - having people in your life who will help you grow, encourage you, be patient with you, and who will hold you accountable for when you mess up. Our hope is to be a church who lives up to this standard, pursuing community together and building one another up in love. Membersh...

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Make Your Super Bowl Missional

This article was written by Jon Dansby and originally appeared on The Verge. The Super Bowl is coming up and, whether you like football or not, it's a very big deal to the ones we want to reach with the gospel. One of the most basic principles of biblical mission is a willingness to adopt someone else's culture to reach them for Christ. Paul explains this in 1 Corint...

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Sanctity of Life

This Sunday is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This day originated when President Ronald Reagan designated January 22 as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. This date was chosen because on January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states. Churches like ours around the United States use the day to celebrate God's gift of life, commem...

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Racial Reconcilation

At Centerpoint, our vision is to see the gospel transcend all of life, especially how we relate to brothers and sisters of other heritages. And as the DylannRoof trial has come to an end and we get ready to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day, this is an important time for race relations not just in our city, but the nation as well. With this in mind, we want to encourage ...

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Resolutions are Not Enough

Check out our list of Bible Reading Plans. There are several to choose from - choose one that is right for you and commit to it for 2017! This post was written by David Mathis and originally appeared at Desiring God. New Year's resolutions can be an important first step, but they are a far cry from real, lasting change. The ringing in of a new year brings with it th...

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Loving our Neighbors

Over the past few weeks, Drew Erica Jeffrey shared a burden with their Community Group for those who have no shelter, specifically our Sunday morning neighbors who call Marion Square their home. So last Sunday, they coordinated the collection of coats, blankets and containers of soup to take across the street to any who were in need. We were all a bit anxious and unc...

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Four Ways to Serve This Christmas

This post originally appeared on The Verge Network and was written by Chris Allman. Whether out of genuine desire to provide a happy holiday for the marginalized or out of sheer guilt, Christmas is the time we ramp up our acts of service. Perhaps it's just a necessary response to the onslaught of opportunities we're exposed to this time of year. No matter the reason, w...

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